History of the Inn

Come stay at our North Carolina Bed and Breakfast and experience the beauty of the Yadkin Valley Wine Region while enjoying our southern hospitality and cozy accommodations.

The original house of our Yadkinville B&B was built in 1934 by a Mr. Holcomb. He lived in the house approximately six months. One morning his car would not start, and he had to walk into town to work. He became irritated on his long walk and when he met Mr. Avalon Hall on the street he told him of his woes. He then asked Mr. Hall if he would like to swap properties. Mr. Hall at that time had a house and some land closer to town. Mr. Hall and Mr. Holcomb agreed to swap properties and later that day they got two trucks and began the process. The house was originally built on five acres of land, and the Halls had a working farm here called the "Lazy H Farm". The property had a barn, silo, chicken house, a two-car garage and a small house behind the garage, which they rented. All of these structures are gone except one barn, which now sits on the property behind us.

The Hall family lived in the house from 1935 until 1968. The house then sat empty for about one and a half years. Then one of the girls married a Pat Preston, and it became known as the Preston home. At this point we are not sure of the exact date, but after the Prestons a company called Unifi Inc. bought the home and used it as a corporate house for their business.

In June of 2005, my husband and I came to visit the vineyards and wineries in the Yadkin Valley Wine Region. We had a desire to some day open a B&B and after talking to a couple at one of the vineyards, we decided to pursue this dream in the Yadkin Valley Wine Region. We were indeed lucky in finding this home. It is a gracious old home which has not changed all that much in the years that have passed. It has the original oak hardwood floors, the skeleton key locks with glass doorknobs, and the interior rooms are mostly where they have been from the beginning. The Halls did add a new kitchen so that they could use the original one as the dining room. At that same time they added what is now our den and eating area. There were some updates made by both the Prestons and Unifi. After we purchased the house, we spent one year working on the weekends, doing mostly cosmetic updates. The house originally had only two baths, so we added three baths so that each guestroom would have its own private bath. We opened the doors to the Vintage Inn Bed and Breakfast in October of 2006.

It is a delight and a pleasure to live in such a grand old home. It feels like I am living in a more peaceful world since moving here. It is great to slow down and enjoy life.  We have contact with a number of relatives both from the Hall family and the Prestons. As I obtain more information on the history of the house it will be posted. In the meantime, we invite you to travel to North Carolina’s scenic Yadkin Valley and write your own page in the history of the Vintage Inn Bed and Breakfast.

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